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Sell a property

Selling a property is not an easy or simple task. For this reason it is essential to count on the advice of a team of professionals such as Eurofincas. With more than 35 years of experience, we know the real estate market of Barcelona and its metropolitan area and we master the latest technologies to achieve the best of results effectively and efficiently.

The key points of our success model

Valoració propietat eurofincas.png
Property study

Knowing your property thoroughly allows us to establish its price and conceive the most suitable sales and marketing plan.

Mercat Eurofincas.png
Market knowledge

We analyze the state of the market and monitor which similar properties are for sale. Knowing the competition is the key to success.

24/7 communication

We keep you updated on the sales process and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Latest technologies

We invest much of our resources in ICT and real estate technologies to boost sales opportunities.

Adaptability to new challenges

COVID-19 has taught us to be more flexible when facing new challenges to fulfill our commitment with you while being more sustainable with the environment.

Network of potential buyers

We have a database with thousands of buyers and we work with local, national and international associations.


Do you want to know the price of your property right now?

Make a quick assessment to know the approximate price of your apartment. Once done, we will contact you to prepare a detailed assessment.

The team that is going to be by your side

Rosa Anna Soler

Real estate consultant

Lola Muñoz

Real estate consultant

David Cardiel

Real estate consultant

Laura Huertas

Coordinator and marketing


What do sellers say about Eurofincas?

More than a hundred people we have helped sell their flat have rated us with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google Review.

Download the Seller's Guide

We explain to you how we work to sell your property, the sales processes as well as the current state of the market.

Click here to download the Seller's Guide

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